Thirty Minute Fried Rice

Fried Rice- Baby Thyme Cafe

There is nothing I love more than ordering Chinese take-out (specifically fried rice). You know that scene from ‘Sex and the City’ where the Chinese restaurant downstairs knows Miranda’s order as soon as she gives her address? Yeah, that used to be me. But that changed when I learned how […]

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Eat the Rainbow – The Science

Eat the Rainbow Graphic 2- Baby Thyme Cafe

In this post I will be breaking down the science, myths, and just general knowledge around how to “eat the rainbow” and giving some tips along the way. While this certainly isn’t a new phrase, it is one that can cause some confusion and is worth taking a look at. […]

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Cherry + Mint Puree

Cherry Oat Mint Puree- Baby Thyme Cafe-6

It sounds silly, but coming up with baby puree flavors  is one of my favorite things to do. There is an art to combining fruits, vegetables, spices, and grains in a way that enhances each flavor without overwhelming another. This cherry, oat + mint baby puree might just be my […]

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Yuca Fries

yuca fries-baby thyme cafe-3

How often do you, your partner, or your kids get a craving for french fries? Once a month? A week? Now think about how often you actually eat french fries. If you get fast food, it probably comes with fries. If you go out for lunch and get a burger, […]

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